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Uncover your organisation's digital shadow

An attacker will attempt to uncover and utilize information gathered from publicly available sources and weaponize the information by using it in a targeted cyber attack. This process is known as open source intelligence (OSINT) and is a set of powerful techniques that cyber criminals will use to find information that can be exploited. The information gathered provides the cyber criminal with an understanding of a potential target and may include email addresses, passwords or other relevant information, which in turn is used to construct deceiving cyber attacks, e.g. phishing emails. Section provides OSINT services to help companies identify their exposure and mitigate any weaknesses.

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Test your company's susceptibility to phishing emails

Phishing emails are malicious emails that seem as if they originate from a valid and reliable source, e.g. from an employer or a co-worker. They are constructed by cyber criminals in an attempt to gain access to sensitive data or networks. The number of employees who open phishing emails averages a staggering 43 pct. Contact us if you would like to test your company's susceptibility to phishing emails. We provide custom-tailored phishing campaigns that will provide you thorough insight into your company's susceptibility to phishing emails.

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Simulated cyber attacks

Section provides full scale simulated cyber attacks that extend beyond attacks performed in cyberspace. We can operate without prior knowledge of a target, and we utilize a vast array of advanced social engineering techniques to compromise your organisation - all in the effort of identifying weaknesses in your security infrastructure, which may leave your organisation vulnerable to attacks.

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